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Larissa Villar Aaberg | Founder & Art Director | All Art

Larissa is the founder and visionary behind Palette, both pop-up art classes and the studio. Larissa loves people and art and believes there is an artist in all of us. Her vision behind Palette is one of community. Through Palette she seeks to build a creative outlet for the community and present art in a more approachable and fun way. Larissa is very active in the Anchorage art community, both with competitions, art festivals and First Fridays. She works with a few galleries and Hawaiian shirt companies in Hawaii as well. She studied art at St. Mary's College of California with her first job out of college being an art teacher at a children's art studio in San Francisco. Her dream has always been to open an art studio.

Her favorite artists are Georgia O'Keefe and Katsushika Hokusai and is inspired by natural texture and color. She enjoys all art mediums but is currently working in acrylics. You can find Larissa working on a new art project, enjoying a good glass of Oregon Pinot Noir or going on adventures with her husband, Rayn.

Christina Wilson | Teacher | Painting

Christina Wilson describes herself as an “artist of color” and enjoys using texture and color to create vivid works through oil and acrylic paint. She enjoys painting photographs she has taken throughout her world travels including countries such as Mali, Senegal, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and new places in Alaska.

Christina owns Christina Wilson Art in Anchorage, Alaska. Christina has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and History from the University of Minnesota-Morris and is currently working towards her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at Alaska Pacific University in which she hopes to use Expressive Arts therapy with future clients. Christina is a Minnesota Native who originally came to Alaska following the love of her life that she met in the Peace Corps in West Africa. Alaska is now the place that Christina calls home. She enjoys exploring the world with her husband through traveling, running with her dog, studying the inner-workings of the brain, playing board games, baking, hanging out with her family in Alaska and Skyping her family and new nephew in Minnesota.

Mary Collins Rannals | Teacher | Pyrography + More!

Mary is a lifelong Alaskan who grew up loving art; she was inspired by nature and the great landscape that Alaska provides. She majored in Art Education at the University of Idaho, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. Her travels throughout the U.S. and abroad helped provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of art. Mary went on to earn a Masters in Art Education from the University of Boston, where she was able to combine her academic and real life experiences.


Her specialties include painting and printmaking, but she enjoys all art mediums.  She has taught for Campfire USA and the Anchorage School District for over the past 6 years, currently as the Kindergarten through 8th Grade Art Teacher at Rilke School Charter School. Her favorite artists are Vincent van Gogh and Jessi West Lundeen (a dear friend) because of their fearless use of light, robust colors, emotion, and how they capture nature on canvas. When she’s not teaching or painting, Mary enjoys spending time in her backyard mini-farm in ‘Spenardagain’, where she tends to her chickens, dog, and veggies.

Heidi Wyrick | Teacher | Painting & Collage



Heidi was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where she earned a B.A. in Art. Her work often reflects her experiences in the beautiful AK. Heidi enjoys making abstract pieces with mixed media. She believes that when creating a piece it's important to enjoy the process. If the piece looks different than expected, just go with it! Often times one can be surprised at the result.

Crystal Jackson | Teacher | Alcohol Ink


I love color. For me, it's one of the very few things that sparks energy and initiates the greatest feeling of expression for when I create art. After learning about the mental health conditions I had been harboring for years, what I could always rely on was my paintbrushes and canvas. Today, that's evolved to exploring the newly developed art of painting with alcohol inks. At first, I thought it was a play on words for something else but I was wrong.

As an artistic medium, alcohol ink is similar to watercolor painting, which I never spent much time with before. You have access to seemingly infinite hues of ink to choose from, and with isopropyl alcohol (similar to how you use water inwatercolor) you can blend, increase and reduce values, and create tints or washes. It dries quickly and can be used easilyin combination with Sharpie markers, which I've found to be part of my style.

As an Alaska Native, I have been growing my painting skills since 2008 with acrylics to a more expressionism to impressionism approach with alcohol inks. My work favors vibrant exaggerations of Alaskan fauna, like ravens and bears, but I enjoy stretching out to nearly abstract representations of Alaska Native subjects and artifacts. Humor, though, plays a large role in my personality, and I will always strive to show my "true colors" when I bring brush to paper on my journey of art.

Prints of my work are created on aluminum at various sizes by an Alaskan fine art printer. Commissions are accepted as well. Please visit me online at!

Lee Post | Teacher | Comics and Cartoons



Lee Post is a lifelong Alaskan, growing up in Palmer and currently living in Anchorage. He has spent his career working with youth, beginning as a social worker with child protective services, then the past fourteen years as a Juvenile Probation Officer for the State of Alaska. 

Lee is also a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, who had a comic strip, “Your Square Life” published in the Anchorage Press for six years, a total of 300 comic strips from 2001 to 2007. He produced several books, including a “Best of Your Square Life” and “Alaska!: Big and Small”, contributed a chapter to a collaborative Alaska history graphic novel, “A Native Lad”, and produced the book "Portraits" for the Alaska Immigration Justice Project and the Humanity Forum.   His work has been shown in several galleries in Alaska, including a solo retrospective at the Dorothy Page Gallery in Wasilla.  He’s presented at the Anchorage Museum and had his work published as far afield as Omaha, NB and Johannesburg, South Africa.   He's done live "visual harvesting" for the large audiences of the Salmon Project and the Foraker Group's Leadership Summit.  He's also taught several drawing classes for young children and teens at the Homer Library, the Anchorage Library, 49 writers, and at McLaughlin Youth Center. Lee's work can be viewed here